Monday, March 11, 2013

How to mold a great cake decorator...

Sometimes when I design a really impressive cake, the guests ask me, "how did you do that?" Many times, my answer is silicone molds. I love blue silicone molds! They can make your decorating go from average to spectacular. Yes, they are very pricey, but can make your work so much easier.  The best molds to buy are from a company called First Impressions. I have several now that I use, and whenever I place an order on line for something else, I often add another one or two silicone molds to my order. I have one that I have not even tried yet (baby mold), but am anxious to test it out when I have some free time (yea right). 

Here are a few molds that I have...

I designed a few cakes this last weekend when these molds came in really handy...

Ballet slipper mold
Ballet tutu cake for Maggie
 Fleur di lis mold
Rope mold
Eagle Scout cake for Spencer

I use this mold allot when doing wedding cakes. It makes really pretty fondant bead borders.

I usually work with half fondant/half gumpaste in the molds, but have also used half fondant/half modeling chocolate. You can use all fondant, but you need to put the molds in the freezer for a few minutes before unmolding. You may want to do this with all of your more intricate designs to make sure they unmold easier, and keep all of the details. 

So give these molds a try... you'll love them. One side note, keep all your molds together, so you don't duplicate any like I did :).

While I was cleaning and organizing my fondant tools this morning, I found a second fleur di lis mold in the bottom of the box. It would have been nice to use two of these instead of one as I was using the largest cavity to make 20 scout emblems for the Eagle cake... one at a time. 
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