Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finally ... a cake leveler that really works!

I received my new cake decorating toy yesterday ... my new Agbay cake leveler. It is amazing! I absolutely love it. Yes, it was expensive, but worth every penny. Sometimes, you just have to pay for quality tools and equipment. This thing is heavy, solid, steel, and MADE IN AMERICA!! Check it out at:

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

A client from Alabama that found my name online, called to order a cowboy baby shower cake for her daughter who lives here in the Springs. Her order was for a small 2-tier cake...the bottom tier should be white fondant with black cow spots, the top tier, denim look with a belt and buckle that says "Milam," the baby's name. On top of the cake she wanted baby cowboy boots and anything else western plus some daisies, since they were decorating with daisies. I had to do allot of research for this one. I actually ordered 3 chocolate molds that I thought might help. 2 out of the 3 arrived in time...the horseshoe mold is still on its way. The 3-D boot mold ended up being "life-size," so was definitely too large for the 6" inch top tier. My husband's idea was to scan the mold and then make it smaller. I'm still trying to figure that one out, since the mold is clear plastic and 2 part 3-D...hmmm. Anyway, I found an adorable baby cowboy boot pattern online, and just cut the horseshoes, belt buckle, and cow spots out with my Cricut Cake. I made modeling chocolate, and used half chocolate fondant, and half modeling chocolate for the belt, cowboy hat (which I pressed into a mold and then reshaped a bit), and rope border. I ordered a special basketweave rolling pin to make a denim texture, which didn't really work that well. The one thing I would have done different on this cake is to paint the denim color on with a brush instead of airbrushing it on. I think it would have looked more like denim. I played around a little more after the cake was completed, and that's what I decided. 

This is what I think I will do next time... basically same color, just a little different texture since you can see some of the white fondant through. Color is brushed on instead of airbrushed. I used navy gel paste instead of airbrush color. 
You can see how large this mold is by comparing it to my hand... and scanning it? I don't think so.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cake Pops for 1 Year Old...

Wow, this little girl must be loved allot...6 dozen cake pops and cake for her first birthday! Cake pops ... just a little bit of cake, but a whole lot of work. Colors were basically brown and pink with a little green accent. Four different flavors, each designated by a different color ribbon. Happy Birthday Hosanna!

 And her very own cake to smash and eat...