Monday, August 25, 2008

Fresh vs. Silk Flowers on Wedding Cakes

When discussing the topic of flowers on wedding cakes, both silk and fresh flowers have their advantages, but I always prefer the finished look of fresh flowers on a cake. The flowers the bride chooses for her cake can "make or break" the look of the cake. Also, a very simple, everyday cake can be brought to life with just the right flowers. The main advantage of using silk flowers on a cake is that the flowers can be arranged on the cake way ahead of time vs. fresh flowers should be arranged on the cake just prior to the reception. When using ivy as greenery on a cake, I always use silk ivy, because fresh ivy just does not do what you want it to when laying it on the cake. Silk ivy is wired so can be shaped and formed to fit the cake. This is probably the only time when I combine both silk and fresh flowers/greenery. Most of the time, the flowers are just pushed directly into the cake and then removed before the cake is cut. This does not present a problem. If, however, you are using some exotic flower/greenery for the first time and you do not know much about its characteristics, please check first to make sure the flower is not poisonous...not good for the bride or groom to die on their honeymoon!