Monday, August 18, 2014

Remembering Black Forest...

On June 11, 2013, I was in California visiting with my son and his family. That night as I was checking the latest  Facebook news feed on my iphone, I was devastated to learn that a large area of Black Forest, only a few miles drive from our home, was up in flames. It was so hard to know that this was happening to our area again.  People were still recovering from the Waldo Canyon fire from the previous summer. We knew people who lived in Black Forest or close by and we were praying that the fire was not reaching them. After the fire was finally contained, over 500 homes were lost and 2 people had died. It was the worst fire in Colorado history. 

Many people who lost their homes are now in the process of rebuilding. Last Saturday, we had the privilege of working with a great couple, Fran and Larry Rutherford, who had just moved into their newly rebuilt home the week before. We catered a lunch for their house "cooling" party. They wanted to have a party to thank all those who had helped and supported them in the rebuilding process. During that time, they had lived with family members, friends, and in hotels. They had on display pictures of their old home, pictures of what was left after the fire (basically nothing), and then pictures of the new home. They have tried to make the new home as much like the old home as possible. They did add a few extra square feet, but other than that, it's the same. I shot a picture of the two of them in front of the house just before we left.

We set up our buffet table in the garage, and the guests ate under a canopy out in the bare field where beautiful trees used to be. We served a taco bar, pasta bar, and cakes for dessert. Of course, one of our cakes had to be a Black Forest cake, in honor of where we were. It was my first attempt at making one... a huge hit... beautiful presentation and tasted magnificent. Immediately offered it on my list of specialty cakes. 

All of the guests were very gracious and kind, and we were honored to be able to be a part of this special celebration. Thanks Fran and Larry. Best wishes to you in your new home!