Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today's order...dipped strawberries and creme puffs!

Today I had an order for dipped strawberries and creme puffs...a very large order. I had previously baked all of the creme puffs earlier in the week. Today I pulled them out and filled them with vanilla and raspberry mousse. 25 dozen creme puffs all together...that's allot of creme puffs! Also dipped 34 dozen strawberries...6 dozen each of white and pink, 11 dozen each of milk and dark chocolate...that's also allot of strawberries! Got them all done and delivered by 5:30 tonight, then came home to a disaster of a kitchen. My sweet husband helped me clean and now everything is clean, put away, and back to normal. Here are a few pictures from our busy day...

28 lbs. of strawberries, carefully washed and dried
Beautiful strawberries from Costco...only 2 bad berries out of 28 lbs.
This is the best chocolate for dipping...same as I use in the chocolate fountain. I get it from Sir Chocolate in Aurora...tastes so yummy, especially the semi-sweet. You can also order it on-line.
White coating
Pink Coating...aren't they pretty?
Yummy creme puffs, filled with vanilla mousse
Completed strawberries...all 34 dozen. Strawberry boxes lined with bubble wrap are perfect for delivering the dipped strawberries.
Completed creme puffs...half with vanilla mousse, half with raspberry mousse...25 dozen
All loaded ready for delivery...
This sign hangs in my sentiments exactly.

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