Friday, April 8, 2011

Simple Dessert Garnishes

I will be teaching some simple cake decorating techniques to the students in Sand Creek's catering classes next week. The teacher also asked me if I could teach some simple garnishes, as they will need to know that for an upcoming competition. So these are the ones I will be teaching them. 

Very simple, yet very effective and pretty on a plate. Everything on this plate is edible, including the small lace is made from SugarVeil, using my new lace mat (subject of another blog post coming soon). So, my class outline will include a cake demo and drawing (someone in the class will take the cake I decorate home), teaching the students 2 simple borders, and teach them these simple dessert garnishes. They will then ice a cupcake, put one of the borders around the cupcake and make one of the garnishes to decorate the top of their cupcake.

 Maraschino cherry flower on SugarVeil doily
 Strawberry fan
 Citrus butterflies and lemon peel rose
Sugar coated grapes
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