Sunday, June 27, 2010

Edible pearls

Yesterday I delivered a wedding cake that was decorated with edible pearls. The bride wanted them to look like they were just kind of falling off the cake randomly. The effect was different, but interesting. I kind of liked it. I used a new set of tweezers that I purchased, specifically for working with dragees or edible pearls. They worked really well. The pearls were in 2 different sizes, which added to the interest. I probably should have had the customer sign a dragee release form for the edible pearls also, but since this is the first time I had worked with them, I didn't know for sure how hard they were. The pearls on the tops of the tiers I could attach with only water, but the ones on the side I used a small bit of buttercream icing. A side note...each of the fleur di lis were molded separately from gumpaste and attached to the black (dark chocolate) ribbons on each tier with a touch of water.

Large edible pearls
Smaller edible pearls
Special tweezers with ball tip
Attaching edible pearls to top of cake with water

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