Monday, July 5, 2010

Brown and cream...nice wedding colors!

On Saturday afternoon, I delivered a wedding cake to Black Forest Community Center. This was the first time I had a delivery there, since the last wedding I had scheduled there was moved to another venue and time that I could not work with. The bride's wedding colors were chocolate brown and cream...very nice. The decorations and flowers on the cake were very simple, as well as the flavors...vanilla with vanilla cream and chocolate with chocolate mousse. The venue was kind of rustic, woodsy, and log cabiney...very different, but I liked older building, but very usable for a wedding...good sized kitchen with very adequate facilities. One A/C, but in Black Forest, it doesn't really get all that warm, even in the heat of the day. They just had a fan blowing.

The quilt design on the cake is made with a plastic template that you press into the sides of the cake and then go over with a small fondant cutting tool. Chocolate buttercream dots were added where the diamond shapes came together. This design would not work well on a round cake, but turns out nice on square tiers.

Quilt template
Fondant cutting tool

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