Monday, December 30, 2013

Grandma lives in an apron!

I think my grandkids believe that I live in an apron. For all they know, I sleep in an apron. It seems that everytime they see me, I have an apron on. It's probably because I'm always and forever in the kitchen, partly my choice and partly out of necessity. I had the "grandma privilege" this year of baking and decorating sugar cookies with 5 of my grandchildren. The other little grandson that was here was still too little to participate, even though we did give him a couple bites of cookie. I had leftover icing from cupcakes that I made the day before, and cookie dough in the freezer that I had made a few days before, so we were good to go. I rolled out the dough, let them cut out the ones they wanted, and after we baked them, I turned them loose with the icing and sprinkles... lots of sprinkles. I think everyone had fun, including Grandma!

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