Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Cupcakes...

I  don't always like doing cupcakes... they are very time consuming, and are hard to keep fresh, but I saw these cute little latching plastic containers at the dollar store with red on the bottom and clear on top with a little handle, so... I couldn't resist. This is what my neighbors and a few others got for Christmas this year. I ended up making 10 dozen cupcakes... 5 different flavors of cake, with 5 different fillings, 5 different frostings, and 5 different decorations. Why can't I ever do something simple? The leftover frosting was perfect for decorating sugar cookies with the grandchildren the following day (subject for another post.) One little perk about living in Colorado in the winter... your garage can act as a huge refrigerator if you need to keep cupcakes fresh until the following day. My son with the expensive camera was visiting from California for Christmas, so he had fun taking pictures of my little creations. 

Here are the flavors:
  • Dark chocolate with peppermint mousse filling and peppermint buttercream frosting
  • Spice with cream cheese pecan filling and cream cheese frosting
  • Dark chocolate with raspberry mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting
  • Coconut with coconut creme filling and lemon coconut frosting
  • Chocolate with peanut butter mousse filling and chocolate peanut butter frosting

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