Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Decorating Tool..."The Mat"

I ordered a new decorating tool a couple of weeks ago... a new fondant mat, simply called "The Mat." This thing is a cake decorator's dream when it comes to rolling out fondant. The Pro version, which I have, is a 2-piece 30 inch square clear vinyl mat with special coating that usually never needs to be washed after the first time, just wiped off. On the bottom sheet, it has a chart on it to let you know how much fondant to weigh out for each size tier and also how large to roll it out. You put the fondant in the center, and then put the the other mat on top and roll out the fondant between the two mats. The top mat is clearly marked with the dimensions. When you have finished rolling it out, you remove the top mat and the fondant adheres to the bottom mat until you peel it off. The fondant will not become too dry because it is not exposed to the air and you do not need to add any extra powdered sugar or cornstarch. Because the mat is clear, it is easy to position it in the correct place on your cake... you just lay it over the cake, and peel it off. So simple... it made covering a 14 inch as easy as an 8 inch...amazing. 

To see details about this great decorating tool, click here...

And oh, by the way, my fondant of choice has become "Satin Ice." It is amazingly smooth, good tasting, and easy to work with. 
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