Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Make Lots of "Ducky" Yellow Buttercream or How to Recycle Yellow Buttercream Icing...

So the goal was to make 2 batches of pale yellow buttercream icing to go with a bunch of pretty little daisies for a simple 3 tier wedding cake. The first step in making buttercream is to beat the butter and shortening together for several minutes until very fluffy. During this step, I usually add the salt and flavoring also. So, since I was coloring this icing, I thought, "Why not add the yellow paste color also?" So, I began to add the color, a few drops at a time. It didn't appear to be turning very yellow, so I kept adding more and more. It still didn't look very yellow, just a little buttery color, but after adding so much, I decided that I probably shouldn't add anymore. So, the next step is to add the sugar and cream. It was like magic...the icing began to turn really yellow... not a pretty pale yellow, but more of a bright bright rubber ducky yellow. There was no way I could put that color of icing on a wedding cake, so I made 2 more batches of white icing to add to the yellow to try to make it lighter. The end result... still brighter than what I really wanted, but workable... AND allot of excess yellow buttercream icing... 4 large Cool Whip containers full, which ended up in the freezer until I found another use for it. I eventually added other colors to it, and had enough to ice a 1/4 sheet birthday cake in a bright green, and decorate 6 dozen sugar cookies in bright colors. I still have a little left, but should be able to use that up on an upcoming order. LESSON TO BE LEARNED... DO NOT ADD PASTE COLOR TO ICING UNTIL AFTER THE SUGAR IS MIXED IN. Who knew? See, I still keep learning new things after all these years.

The yellow actually matched the other decorations and the centers of the daisies, so it wasn't all that bad.
Birthday cake iced in bright green icing (request from birthday girl) which was made from some of the excess yellow icing.
Each color was made by adding color to the original yellow buttercream (on far right).
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