Friday, February 24, 2012

Mardi Gras Taco Bar

Last Friday night we catered a taco bar for Forest City Residential at the Air Force Academy. We were supposed to serve 50, but only 30 showed, so we had a ton of food left over. It was also the first time doing a taco bar, so we over estimated on the rice and beans. We left food for the customer, sent some home with helper Wayne, and we brought some home. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and we're always learning new things with every job. 

Taco shells & tortillas, shredded chicken & beef, beans & rice, and toppings
We used one of the chafers  for an ice bath for the taco toppings
Finger desserts...8 dozen of each, in Mardi Gras colors
New silver punch bowl...5 gallon capacity
My wonderful helpers...Wayne & Bruce
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