Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grooms Cakes


I have had several of my customers ask me about Groom's Cakes. I found this article, courtesy of Rare Occasions Cakery, that explains about the history of grooms cakes...

Traditionally, small pieces of the groom’s cake were wrapped and sent home with unmarried female guests. It was believed that if a maiden tucked the cake under her pillow, her dreams would reveal the man she was to marry. If you'd like to revive this tradition, wrap pieces of groom’s cake in foil or in small gift boxes, and attach a note describing the tradition.

Nowadays, the bride often orders the cake with the groom’s favorite flavor, filling and icing, and then keeps it a secret from the groom. Because the cake is a gift from the bride to the groom, it often reflects the groom's interests and comes in a variety of flavors (although chocolate has been historically popular) and themes (such as sports teams). A groom's cake with a sentimental message is a heartfelt, timely, and surprising wedding present to your significant other.

Some grooms may, if they prefer, order the cake and keep it a secret from the bride. Many grooms like to have the cake decorated or shaped into something that reflects one of their hobbies, or something the couple enjoys doing together.

Keep in mind that while considering the grooms cake, you may want to consult with your fiancĂ© to see how he would prefer this tradition to be carried out. After all, the purpose of the groom’s cake is to honor the groom in a special way!

Many prefer to have the groom’s cake at the reception, usually on a same table next to the wedding cake.

However if the idea of another cake at the wedding sounds redundant, consider serving it at the rehearsal dinner.

Some fun ideas for groom’s cakes are favorite sports/sports teams, musical instruments, outdoors/fishing/hunting, entertainment/movies/video games/books/card games, superhero’s, favorite foods, tux.

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