Friday, October 23, 2009

Tips on working with chocolate ganache

  1. Make sure your ganache is the proper consistency. Do not add too much cream.
  2. Your buttercream icing underneath should also be the proper consistency. The trick is to make the icing spread smoothly, but don't make it too soft, or it will melt.
  3. Do not let the cream boil before adding your should be steamy, but not boiling. After adding your chocolate, keep stirring until smooth.
  4. If your ganache is too warm, let it cool slightly before pouring it onto your cake.
  5. Position your buttercream iced cake (that you have placed on a cake board that is the same size as the cake) on a cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet or bun pan, and then pour on the ganache and let it drip down to cover the sides. When it has set up slightly, move the cake to your platter or dish or cake board that you will be serving it on. The excess ganache should remain under the cooling rack on the cookie sheet, and should be starting to setting up. You can scrape it up and add it to any leftover ganache and use it for decorating. 
  6. Now you can add a bottom border and whatever other decorations that you choose. Remember, you can let the ganache set up a bit longer and then use it to make perfect chocolate roses. 
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