Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pie Baking...

As many of you know, my pie baking skills have been limited at best. However, I am learning a little at a time. At least once a year, I bake a pie for my friend Bev. She absolutely loves lemon meringue pies, so I attempt to bake her one for her birthday each year. This year's turned out a little better than last year's. We took it with us to Breckenridge today, where we went to see the International Snow Sculpture contest. We took a lunch to eat in the van, and then pulled out the pie for dessert. It was a little warm, so didn't hold together real well, but the taste was REALLY good...nice and tart and not too sweet. I'm still learning...still want a pie that looks great when you cut it also...I'll keep working on it...maybe next year...but I think we definitely got a thumbs up on the taste, so that's a good thing!

 Not bad for my limited pie baking skills
Bev loved it!
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