Sunday, March 2, 2008

The hardest thing about moving...

When we were anticipating and preparing for our move to Colorado, we were excited. Even though the circumstances around our move were not the best, we were excited about starting out again "fresh." And that we business with no other job, no home, not knowing where in Colorado Springs we would end up, and having to start my cake business all over again. When we were packing up the house to move, I was fine, until...I had to start packing up my baking kitchen. Not only did I not realize how much I had to pack, but I was leaving MY KITCHEN. I had designed this baking kitchen myself. We had filled in the covered patio to make the kitchen, and we built another one. The kitchen was separate from the rest of the home and I could lock the rest of the family out if I needed to. Inside, I had a double oven, double large industrial size sinks with racks above for drying pans,etc., an extra refrigerator, and lots and lots of cabinet and counter space. Beside my oven, were 10 shelves of cooling racks that I could slide in and out. Then, to the left of them, I had vertical slots that fit all of my various sizes and shapes of cake pans. I had enough cabinet space to store all of my supplies, equipment, and books. When I started packing up the kitchen, the tears began to fall. I knew I would probably never have another kitchen like this one, and it had been my dream. So, now three years later, my business is just beginning to grow again, I make do with baking in my regular kitchen, and most of my decorating equipment is stored in cupboards in the garage. My kitchen is quite workable, even though I still have only one oven. When the time comes that I need more than that and when I have the money to do so, I will again have a double oven, even though I may never again have my dream kitchen.
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